Remote Computer Support - Bandera Texas

I can fix any internet connected computer remotely for virus, slowness, clean up, almost anything. I will send a link that connects us. charges are reasonable just ask.The average cost for computer repair is $65 an hour. The average price hiring a computer repair technician to get you back up and running, you will likely spend between $50 and $150. I charge 50.00 first hr minimum, 40.00 2nd hr, rarely ever take 3 hrs, I am easy to work with. Call to ask questions cell 562-536-1000
-Upgrading To Newer Operating Systems, Software Applications, And Other Product
-Configuring Device Settings To Optimize Performance
-Removing Bugs And Unwanted Files And Applications From Your Device To Increase Speed, Reliability, And Stability
-Sharing Multiple Devices On A Network
-Fixing Network Settings For Better Internet Connections
-Downloading And Installing Drivers For Peripheral Devices Like Digital Cameras, Printers And Scanners
At no cost to you, we offer a free diagnosis of your connected device in order to identify the specific cause(s) of any issue(s) you may be having...

Standard HTML/CSS Website

Once your website is live, you do not need to install any updates or regularly backup. If nothing is changed, you can just backup your website once and forget about it.The disadvantage is you need someone like me to edit and update any new pages.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Content Management Systems allow YOU to manage your website from a user friendly interface.
Web Maintenance

Updating and maintaining your website is crucial and that your site is running at full capacity. Websites require maintenance to operate properly. We properly maintain your website with web security, track your new visitors, see what returning traffic is looking at.
Linux Training - for Students

Are you interested in learning Linux and command line or entering into IT or Tech Support? Those jobs pay 50k-100k as you learn more. Many jobs are avilable these days even with Covid19. Contact me and I can put a plan together to get you up fast. Tech Support - Local Bandera Texas

Risk Management

Your business or organization faces the risk of harmful events that can cost your company money or permanently close. Risk management allows you to prepare for the unexpected and extra costs before they happen. Click on this link to answer some questions of risk that might affect your establishment.